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Finding Opportunities for you is Our Job!

Dear Students,

We extend our warm welcome to you all who will be joining our institution in the coming intake. The TSMHS also welcomes you to years of enriching experience here during your college days that you are going to cherish all your life. TSMHS has created Training & Placement (T&P) department to focus on the following areas:

Attachment, Internship, Job Opportunities

The Pre-Placement activities for Attachment, Internship & Job Placements are given due importance, from day one of the student and the concept of mentoring each and every student is followed regularly in TSMHS. The students are trained on aspects like:

1. Facing Interviews.
2. Facing Group Discussions.
3. Professional Resume Writing.
4. Cracking Aptitude Exams.
5. Concerned Technical Skill training
6. Soft Skill training through dedicated Soft Skill Lab.
7. Industrial Attachment/Internship Projects.

Industry Experts Regular Visit

Senior Professionals from various sectors like hospitals, laboratories, and industries visit the Institute and interact with students on a regular basis and guide them in accordance with the industry norms and standards. The Institute has a tie-up with a professional online course to ensure that our students are plus one. Career Guidance and Personality Development Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures are organized regularly to improve the performance of students in the job market.

Alumni Network

We are building a well-connected 15000+ alumni who are working in different industries. The alumni network of the institute is one of the pillars in getting successful placements done for the students graduating from us. And the companies are extremely happy to visit the Institute every year to pick fresh management brains for the highly competitive environment and also rely on the chunk of talent for their human resource requirements from IMER.

Career Building & Entrepreneurship

The T&P Cell of the Institute is aptly set up, not only to get a right job, but to guide each of its students to get into the right career even in starting their own startups. The process of personal attention and hand holding is a norm and is followed at every aspect of your life as a student, which has resulted in the students achieving laurels in the profession they have chosen.

At the end, we wish you all a bright prospect through interaction with your experienced teachers, joining numerous career development courses, seminars, workshops so as to enable you to imprint a hallmark in your career. We wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors.

Best Wishes,

Bobby Aloise, Officer-T&P

Paul Wachira, Asst Officer-T&P

Training & Placement Desk
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