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Information Technology (IT) Lab

Computing is an essential competency which everyone must be having irrespective of the profession. Medical & Science students are not exceptions. We have  well-equipped computer labs, which provide the tools and technologies to  produce websites, edit papers, complete class assignments, communicate via email, conduct data analyses and access library resources. Microsoft Windows software is available for word processing, statistics, spreadsheets, power points for presentations and database management. A variety of graphics, website-creation medical related software are also available.

This lab features numerous personal-computing workstations with Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016 applications, plus printer and scanner capabilitiy.  A number of specialty software packages, such as graphic, web design and statistical analysis programs, are also available. Lab consultant staff can assist students with little or no prior computer experience. The lab is dedicated to meeting the teaching, learning and research needs of the faculty, staff and students.
We also offer basic packages to ensure students who have no knowledge of computer can also learn & acquire skills in extra hours or weekends.

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