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Diploma In Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a branch of paramedical sciences that help in the cure of various problems of a human body. It helps in making positive changes to the health and lifestyle of the people. Suitable for all ages, It  aids in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with an array of health problems ranging right from mental health issues to sports injuries.
Physiotherapy is a very emphatic area, as many other fields in Medicine. Physiotherapy helps people to get rid of the pain, helps the injured from injuries to learn how to move and walk again, softens the developmental defects in children, and makes life easier for the elderly. Experts in the field of physiotherapy literally do better and more comfortable the lives of specific people - what can be a bigger advantage?

Go with your passion by taking admission in Physiotherapy to enjoy a brighter future.

Department PCK
Category Diploma
Exam Board PCK
Duration 3 Years
Mean Grade C

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