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WELCOME TO Thika Campus

Dear Parents, guardians, Students and Stakeholders,

It is with great delight that I welcome you here!
As Principal of Thika Campus I am impressed by the commitment of the school and the staff to the provision of an excellent all-round education for our students, led by our vision statement, lighting up our path to success. Under my leadership, and as a team working together, we strongly promote the academic achievements among our students and proudly celebrate the successes of all our students and staff together.

At TSMHS, We have excelled in co-curricular activities and academics hence are always cognizant of these past successes. We are being guided by the principles of quality education and training, embracing technology and adopting globally, acceptable standards; holistic approach encompassing intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of students and staff. In addition to research within our syllabus, we also encourage students to read widely on latest achievements in their respective fields

Our trainers have a passion to nurture the students professionally in the quest for knowledge, skills and attitudes. Training involves lectures, laboratories’ demonstrations, clinical training, and class discussions. The college has MoUS with various health facilities which provide important clinical skills to our students in the various academic programmes..
With more than 11 years rewarding history of achievement in education behind us, our school community continues to move forward together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm.

For prospecting parents, students and other stakeholders wishing to join us in the quest for nurturing professional excellence, I hope that you will find information provided in this website sufficient and that you will be joining us too.

Yours in education,
Ann Kimani,
Principal, TSMHS-Thika

Thika Campus Team

Our team of highly talented professionals with experience in developing future leaders are dedicatedly working with TSMHS since inception of this institute. We are fully dedicated to ensure every student is being developed holistically & capable of taking future challenges & employable in global companies across or beyond Kenya! 
We are focusing not only on academic but overall development of students by giving them the opportunity to unleash their talent through participating in various clubs to sharpen it. Our focuses are;
1. Class Room Training and in Lab
2. Case Studies & Presentations
3. Systematic Industrial Attachment
4. Sports & hobbies clubs
5. Specific Skill Development Workshops
6. Industrial Expert's Seminars
7. Working in our Hospitals
8. Quizzes & Competitions 
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